Web Design Tips: A Few Things That Matter

Designing a website is not a piece of cake. Many people think that anyone can do it thanks to the presence of ready made templates and HTML and designing software. However, it is not as easy as it looks like. There are several things that need to be taken care of for a website to be successful. These include:

Background Color and Font

It is very important to have the right look for your website, which depends on the main idea behind the site. For example: If it is a website for a wealth management company then it should come across as sophisticated and professional. On the other hand if it is a television channel’s websites then it should come across as funky and happening.
One gets an idea about a website’s taste mainly based on its layout, which to a great extent depends on the use of images and colors. There are several points that need to be taken care of when selecting these things.

Background color and font should be chosen wisely so that it is not too light or too dark. The combination of font color and background color should also be readable. You do not need to stick to black and white; however, it is important that whatever combination you choose is easily readable. In the same way the font size should also be big enough to read easily.

Interface and Navigation Options

What is the reason for the huge success of websites like YouTube and Google? Some may argue but many believe that it has a lot to do with the interface and navigation options. These websites are designed to serve people with a variety of needs. Users do not need to have any complex understanding to be able to use these websites.

The options are simple and easy and hence users are attracted towards it. Every web designer should learn from these websites and have a user-friendly interface. Using menu bars that are difficult to handle or a page that is too stuffy is not recommended as it may turn away visitors.

User Friendly

A website should be designed in a way that every visitor finds it useful. Firstly, it should be for every browser and operating system. This can be designed using optimization tools. Additionally, proper resolution should be taken care of as well.

You should remember that your visitors are different. It is important to provide them exactly what they want. Many websites are using customization now where they allow users to choose ‘heavy or light’ websites based on their internet speed. Many also give the option to select the right resolution, background color and browser version. All these things make the visitor feel elated and help a website leave a mark.

Additionally, thanks to changing scenarios it has also become vital to have websites that work on mobile devices. A great number of people use the internet through their phones; websites that are not optimized for mobiles will be out of their reach and lose out on potential visitors.

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