SEO Enhancement Tips for Dummies

Search engine optimization, most commonly known as SEO, is very important for a website’s success. This relates to how a website’s visibility on search engines so that they rank high. This is mainly because websites that rank high receive a huge volume of traffic as it is believed that most people generally visit the websites that are on the top of a result page.

To help you improve your website’s ranking, given below are some important SEO tips.

Title Tag

A webpage’s title is the first step as search engines generally notice them first when deciding on a webpage’s subject. Always title the subject in a way that it tells the readers about the material inside. Plus, remember that most search engines only use 60-90 characters of a title. You can still have longer titles, but it is recommended that the page’s main idea is explained within the first sixty characters.


The second step is to use search engine friendly URLs. One can use permalinks that use a webpage’s title as its URL with added hyphens. Keywords can also be used in URLs to make it easy for search engines to find them.


Tags, often called keywords, are among the most significant parts of SEO techniques. These should be selected carefully according to their importance and relevance.
It’s your duty to see what keywords are relevant to a post. You should also try to incorporate keywords in the article so that search engines can use them easily. In WordPress and other such sites there is an option to add tags that is very useful.
However, remember to stay away from keyword spamming as such a thing may have a negative impact and may cause Google to blacklist your website.

Meta Description

A brief description of a webpage’s content is called a Meta description. This is mainly used to tell search engines what a page contains. In several cases it is what a webpage displays when a website is searched for and people base their judgment on the information available in it.

Meta descriptions do not help a page’s ranking but may increase the CTR by bringing people’s attention to the content. There is no point in having the website at the top if no one is clicking on it. The main aim is to bring traffic that only occurs when people actually end up visiting the page. A correct and attractive Meta description can help in this regard. It should ideally consist of 150-160 characters and may include keywords.

Link Building

There are two types of link building: internal and external. This is one of the easiest techniques that help search engine crawlers reach web pages, even those that are not very active. Link building is simply adding hyperlinks to other pages of a website on the same website or on other sites or forums.

When you have your link on another website, your back linking improves and you may even be able to get the visitors from the website you have a link on. This is pretty much like advertising your website on another site. However, make sure you link with strong websites that are credible as link sharing with poorly ranked websites may impact your site’s ranking.

These are some of the main SEO tips. In addition to these other things are also used such as H1 and sitemaps. However, these are the most important ones as they have been tried and tested.

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