How to Design the Right Logo

Almost everything you create needs a logo or some kind. Be it a company, a small product or an app, a logo is required for people to recognize it. This is what represents your product and has to be top notch in order to impress people.

Logo designing is not a piece of cake. There is a lot that has to be taken care of from designs or colors to the message. Believe it or not, logos are designed to pass a message to people. To help you get the right logo given below are some tips; make sure you make a good use of them.

Learn What It Represents

Firstly, you need to know what exactly a logo is and what purpose it is supposed to fulfill. A logo is not merely a symbol or a mark. It actually reflects an idea with the help of font, images, colors and shapes.

It is used for inspiring recognition, admiration and trust for a product. The duty to create a powerful logo falls on the designer’s shoulders.

Know the Principles

As mentioned above, logo designing is not easy because one has to be aware of a lot of things. There are certain qualities that a logo needs for it to be powerful. These include:

  1. Describable [should give the company’s message correctly and be relatable to the product]
  2. Memorable [people should be able to recall the logo]
  3. Effective [it should do exactly what it is supposed to do]
  4. Scalable [it should be effective regardless of its size]

In addition, a logo should be unique to the product or company. They fall under copyright and picking up a logo may get a company in trouble. Not just the logo itself, the colors used in creating a logo may also be patented. It is important that you pay attention to this point as there is no point in wasting time on a logo that may not be used due to legal issues. Additionally, not being aware of these details and using a logo may end up costing a lot.

Learn From Others

There are thousands of logos out there that can teach you a thing or two about logo designing. You should properly scrutinize successful logos to see what sets them apart. A good example is Nike’s logo that was designed by Caroline Davidson for as low as $35, yet it’s one of the most memorable and effective logos even without colors.

This shows that a logo does not have to use colors to be effective. It just needs to send the right message. Many colorful and seemingly attractive logos have failed the test of time.
These are some of the simple tips which you can use easily to make a good logo. However, there are points to be considered as well. Understandably, a logo will not be good if an unprofessional person is designing it or one who has no idea of the right color patterns etc.

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