How to Design Better iPhone & Android Apps

Many people literally judge a book by its cover when it comes to selecting apps. Most judgments are based on screenshots and descriptions that give an idea about what the app is capable of.

This is why it is important to design an app carefully. The usability is not the only factor that one needs to keep an eye on; an app should be visually appealing as well. There are many ways in which one can design apps in a better way. Given below are some solutions:
The first thing is to hire the right person to do the job. Plus, you should be very clear about what you want from the app so that the right thing can be concentrated on.

There are several components to an app’s design with user interface and user experience being the two most important components. The main goal of an app is to design the experience in a way that it allows users to easily accomplish their goals.

On the other hand the UI design concentrates on the visual factor including the colors and images used in the app. Both these components go hand in hand and are important to take care of. It is recommended that you first concentrate on the experience, yet it doesn’t mean that visual design should be neglected.

Starting with wireframes is a good idea. It is basically an outline of your app that lets you work on the experience. One can use several things to draw shapes for wireframes including a pen and a paper to mockup tools.

It is important that you see how well the features of your app fit together. Navigation is another very important feature that includes how users will see the information and how things will unfold. It is very important to take care of this point as apps that are difficult to navigate often find it difficult to leave a mark as users are rarely interested in trying difficult apps.

There is a huge variety of apps available, which is why a new app has to be designed carefully in order to be accepted.

To concentrate on this one can start by drawing simple buttons and writing in text to see how things will turn out. The focus at this stage should be to concentrate on preparing the learning process intuitive. However, you should continue drawing only if you are sure about the representation. It should be very neat and clean.

Once this point has been taken care of it is time to test an app from every aspect. The designing process may not include ‘testing’ but it is important to do so in order to make sure that the design serves its purpose. There are several things that may not be clear in the development or designing process and only become obvious once the real app is ready.
It is important to check every aspect and see that the app works at the best possible level so that users get to enjoy an experience worth cherishing.

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