Establishing Brand with a Website

Establishing brand is essential for recognition. And when it comes to your company website, it needs to be a cohesive blend of factors that represent the company’s characteristics. This factors include symbols, phrases, logos imagery and sound. All of a company’s associations, philosophies and experiences should add up to a consistent abstract construct. This way, people know what to expect from a brand, and you can make your site memorable. Branding is really a complex process but can be done if you follow these steps.

Choosing A Good Color Palette

Choosing a good color palette is an essential factor in branding. Color is all about stimulating people’s emotions making subconscious associations. For example, red symbolizes passion and energy and may increase breathing and blood pressure. On the flip side, green symbolizes profit, nature and environment and soothes the soul. When choosing a color for your brand, be sure to research its scientific and psychological effects on people. Choose the color that’s a good fit for what your brand represents.

Giving it Character

Infusing a little personality in your website will help give your site character. Is your brand fun? Is your brand all about stability? Use anthropomorphic elements to add character. Anthropomorphism is the attribution of human characteristics and qualities to other things like objects or animals. For example, if your site has a Wild West theme, add a mix of wooden textures and horses throughout the design. Shape your brand’s character with something that your audience would like to associate themselves with.

Implementing Consistency

To build a successful brand, it’s got to be memorable. Folks remember things when it’s repeated. Consistency through your web design will project a uniform image that’s easy to be remembered. Use consistent typography, visuals and colors. Take a look at some successful brands, such as Skype. Their color palette is consistent with blue and visual imagery of white 2D clouds. As soon as you see it, it’s recognized as Skype.

Getting the Logo Right

Size and position are key elements when it comes to logos. Place it on the upper left area of your page. That’s where people look first. It’s also a savvy idea to link the logo image to the site’s homepage. Size is also important. Make sure your logo is large enough to be the second thing that viewers notice when they arrive on your website.

Having a Clear Value Proposition

When visitors arrive on your website, you only have a few seconds to keep them there. Does the site look interesting? Is it the right one? What’s this company about? Likely, these are the top questions your visitors will be asking themselves. Answer their questions with a clear and concise value proposition next to the site’s logo. In a few words, explain what your site is all about and why they should stay. Cover the what and why and show the benefits your site provides. The key here is clear, concise and visible.

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