Why You Should Use Custom Web Design Instead of Common Templates

Your business website is a personification of your business. It is a true reflection of your business identity and image. The way visitors will perceive and judge your website will have a great impact on your future sales. Here are a few reasons why the use of common templates is a bad idea when designing your business website.

Visitors Judge
When a person visits your website, they may or may not have the intention of buying your products or services. However, the first thing they tend to do is to judge your website. It takes them only about eight seconds after visiting your website to judge your:

  • Business Image
  • Business Reputation
  • Professionalism
  • Trustworthiness
  • Credibility
  • Legitimacy

This will have a great impact on their decision of whether they want to become your customer or not.

If you use a common template that is typical and boring, no on will wish to look at your website for more than two minutes. Today, due to the internet marketing and online advertising, companies have found a great opportunity to quickly grow themselves and gain customers in the most cost-effective manner. You cannot lose this opportunity.
Customize your website so that it personifies your business. A vibrant, captivating and interesting website will also help you attract more visitors than a dull or boring website. Moreover, its uniqueness will help drive more traffic to your website and will help increase your sales and revenues. You would not want twenty other business websites online having a the same template like yours.

Search Engine Optimization
You can create the website to specifically portray your business. A common template will include general and non-specific information about your business. When you customize your own content, you can develop it to be SEO-oriented. This will make it easy for potential customers to find you on popular search engines. You can also add call to action phrases that encourage visitors to try your products or services.

Online Goals
Because a common template is not designed to achieve the specific online goals of your business, it may not work in your favor. A custom web design will be made specifically for your business and will try to achieve your business goals. You will be able to view newsletter signups, your sales and lead generation by using tailor made websites.

The Return
Even though a custom web design will cost you more than a common template, the results that you will get in return will be much better and more impressive than what you would get using common templates. You will be able to drive a huge amount of traffic to your website and will be able to see an increase in your sales as well.

If you understand the importance of customizing your website and the results that it will be able to achieve, you will not mind spending a little more on good custom web designs

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