What Does Your Brand Say About You?

If you ask most business people and many consumers to define “business brand”, you’ll get a variety of answers similar to the following:

“It’s the company logo.”

“The company’s motto is their brand.”

“The colors and design make the brand.”

“The brand is the type of product they sell.”

None of these responses are exactly wrong, but they’re missing some of the key components that define brand. Your company’s brand is so important that it has the power to attract more consumers or drive them away. Knowing your brand, or developing the best one possible, can be a game-changer in terms of business success.

What a Business Brand Is

  • A Unique Name. A business’s name says a lot about a company and is the first telltale sign for consumers, letting them know who and what your company stands for.
  • An Image in the Consumer’s Mind. Business brand helps form an image in the consumer’s mind. It tells them your company is casual and welcoming, elite and successful, or for the dreamers and doers.
  • A Consistent Theme. Across the board, even when introducing new products and services, your business brand promotes a consistent theme similar to the image it helps form in peoples’ minds.
  • A Presence. Brand creates a presence in the consumer’s life. It becomes the coffee that people can’t start their day without, or the shoes they can’t win a race without wearing.


What Does Your Business Brand Do?

  • Clearly Delivers Your Company’s Message. Your message and motto are two different things. The message your brand delivers tells consumers who you are and helps them form an emotional connection.
  • Establishes Credibility. Brand consistency lets consumers know that you’re going to continue delivering the same quality of products, services and customer satisfaction they value.
  • Connects with Consumers on an Emotional Level. Above all else, how the consumer connects with you emotionally will drive them back to your business time and again, or send them away.
  • Motivates People to Buy. Because consumers identify with your brand, they’re motivated to buy from your company over someone else’s, even if they have to go out of their way to do so.
  • Converts Consumers to Customers. All of the above converts a curious consumer into a loyal customer who will happily sing the praises of your business.


Are You Sending the Right Message?

From small, local businesses to global conglomerates, companies have increased their success with their business brand. Today’s consumer is looking for meaningful connection. An attractive logo or catchy saying might grab the attention of a consumer, but it’s the business brand that will keep that consumer coming back, turning them into a loyal customer who goes on to promote the business simply because they identify with and benefit from it so much.

Your company’s brand is how consumers perceive you. More than a logo, more than a catchy phrase or attractive color combination, it’s a feeling that consumers have when they frequent your business, use your products or employ your services. As a business in growth mode, it’s important that you know what messages your brand is conveying and if they’re beneficial to your success.

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