Web Design + SEO = Great Return on Investment

Web design does more than just make a site look good. With the proper components, it can be a powerful strategic weapon that creates a competitive advantage and enhances financial returns. Companies should be laser-focused on having a site designed that maximizes its return on investment (ROI). After all, businesses are in business with the primary goal of making a profit. Two important components that can increase ROI are search engine optimization and website conversion optimization. Implement these two components wisely, and your site will deliver a good ROI.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With proper SEO, pages on a website can land on the first pages of Google, Bing and Yahoo. It gives a lot of exposure over a long period of time. It’s the ideal way to garner organic traffic instead of having to pay large amounts of money for online ads. SEO copy writing a site’s main pages and landing pages makes them more search engine friendly. Meticulous keyword research and selection should be done to determine the most profitable keywords for specific companies. And building links to authoritative websites can also help achieve top search engine placement. It’s also important to note that content is still king and even more so today than yesterday. For example, Google’s new algorithm is much smarter today and seeks out content that is helpful, informative and engaging. Providing how-to guides and content that answers consumers’ questions will capture favor with the search engines.

Website Conversion Rate Optimization

Making more conversions and sales has a direct impact on ROI. Make sure your website features your product’s or service’s unique selling points. To ramp up conversion rates, a website design should be user friendly and easy to find products and services. Sales copy needs to present all of your brand’s benefits and be presented in a compelling manner. Ensure that your landing pages include important keywords and is closely relevant to the content of the site. It’s also essential to have a website design that allows you to track marketing campaigns. This way, you can fine tune both the site and the campaign for improved ROI results.

So, what do you do if your site doesn’t deliver a good ROI? Call in the web design professionals to analyze your site’s components. These pros are likely to offer some effective solutions, such as revamping categories, redesigning the shopping cart or converting to a responsive design.

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