Tips to creating an incredible website!

An engaging web page will keep visitors on your website longer and will attract more visitors to your website as well. In order to create a good web page, you will be required to follow the appropriate practices for web design, page navigation and page layout. This will ensure that your web pages are seamlessly integrated with others and are easy to read and comprehend. This is a brief guide to help you create a good web page for your website.

For your web page, choose a font that is easy to read. If your page mostly contains text, you can choose fonts like Arial and Times New Roman. These fonts are reader-friendly and readers will not have to put much effort in reading such font. Also make sure that the font size is good enough to read.

For pages that are mostly image-oriented, you may choose to be more creative and select big and bold fonts like Georgia, Trebuchet or Verdana. The fonts should be readable and clear fonts.

You must choose a proper navigation method for your web page. The navigation method must be consistent throughout your website and should be easy enough for anyone who is accessing your website to understand it. Difficult navigation methods discourage visitors from venturing further into your website. Also, avoid navigation techniques that are unreliable or unpredictable. It is best to have a simple navigation method between pages. Your readers will enjoy your web pages and willing wander around your website.

Color Hyperlinks
You should help visitors move around your website with ease. One way to do this is to use a different color for hyperlinks that have been visited and those that have not been visited. This technique will help visitors, who access your page, to know which pages have not been visited and they will be easily directed to those pages.

Color Scheme
Follow a single color scheme on the entire website. Your theme should be consistent throughout all the web pages. The graphics you use on your web pages should contain clear and web-safe colors. If the colors are not clear and are blurred, this will put a bad impression on the readers and will be a put off. Color displays that are incorrect or missing will ruin the appearance of your web page and may interfere with the delivery of the correct message to the reader.

The Overall Look
The overall appearance of the web page is very important. The design and the theme of the web page should be impressive and captivating. Ensure that every web page on your website has good quality images, clear and readable font, a consistent feel and look and loads fast enough. Also, the page footprint of your web page should be acceptable such as 800 x 600 pixels.

The entire website should look homogenous and all the web pages should be in complete harmony with each other. The coherent feel of the website will make it easier for users to access it.

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