The Power of Video & The SEO Benefits

Video & SEO Benefits

When done right, video marketing can deliver some SEO benefits, including improved SERP ranking, higher CTR, lower bounce rates and quality backlinks. Climb up in the SERPs by using these SEO metrics properly.

Increasing Rankings

Video is over 50 times more likely to rank than plain text content, especially with Google’s new search algorithm Hummingbird. Today, Google doesn’t pay attention to optimized individual pages but is more focused on answers to searchers’ questions. That’s why 80 percent of video content is now informational videos, including explainer videos. The way searchers are using the internet has changed, and video content in the SERPS is in full swing. To rule the SERPs using video it’s best to keep the video less than four minutes long, utilize rich-video snippets and transcribe the video. Transcribing the video makes it easier to spider the content for relevance. To increase CTR, be sure to embed the video directly to your site like on a landing page. Don’t let a video host garner your traffic.

Bounce Rate

A high bounce rate is when viewers leave your domain after visiting one page. It will adversely affect your ratings in the SERPs. The best way to reduce bounce rate is to use accurate video titles and to place the video above the fold. The fold is the imaginary line where viewers have to scroll for more info. It’s important to avoid using sensational titles. Folks don’t like to be let down or misled. It’ll only make them leave your site. And don’t forget about using quality content on your pages. Make it helpful and make it engaging. When people get bored, they look elsewhere.

Video and Links

Video builds links and gives a site more authority with Google. According to Moz, video triples the amount of linking domains. That’s because it’s people and not bots making the links, and folks just love video. Video introductions receive about 200 percent more page views and shares on sites like LinkedIn and Facebook than text posts. The best practices for link building with video is to embed your video, focus on a single topic in your niche and create a high quality video. But a video needs to be great because of all the other competing videos, and a marketing strategy needs to be in place for success. When used properly, video can be an effective component of your overall SEO strategy. It can generate hundreds of high-quality links. Even though Google’s algorithm has changed over the years, it still values high-quality links when determining ranking of a site.

It all starts out with a top-notch video from an experienced company like Xplode Marketing. We have a sub company called Media Whale where we have a team of experienced professionals who have created great videos for a broad range of industries, including high-tech, retail, healthcare and travel. Each client receives a one-on-one consultation, so the team can learn about the company’s niche, operations, goods or services. Media Whale creates premium videos, so you can expect all the bells and whistles, such as fitting music track and gorgeous artistic design. Plus, clients are provided with a strategic marketing plan that generates leads, conversions and sales. If you’re seeking an A+ video designed with the best SEO practices, turn to the experts at Media Whale. Give them a call today.

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