5 Modern Design Elements That Will Make Your Website Pop!

With over a billion websites on the internet today, it’s remarkably easy for your website to get lost in the mix. Yes, you’ve worked hard to develop a high-end website with the latest and most state-of-the-art technology, engaging content and a great design, but does it set you apart from your competition?

Creating a site that stands out from the crowd should be a breeze, as long as the navigation is user-friendly. It’s not just about crafting the finest content. You need to implement all the latest and most effective design features to appeal to today’s tech- and trend-savvy online users.

Sounds confusing? No worries. Take a look at these 5 design elements you can include to spruce up your website.

5 Elements of Modern Website Design

Element #1 : Large & Responsive Hero Images


Hero images can create a strong visual experience that encourage your visitors to scroll down to see or read more. You will often see large hero images in the background behind text and website content laid atop, like on Apple’s website. Despite your approach, large images can visually convey your story without relying too much on just text.

Responsive hero images allow for an awesome user experience. Your website visitors may view your site from different devices (tablet, phone, or desktop computer), so they should get the same experience while browsing from any device.

Element #2 : Clear, Unique Fonts

There’s nothing more displeasing than a website with weird-looking, unreadable fonts.

Some companies use a unique font to help customers identify them as opposed to their rivals.

For instance, The New Yorker can be easily recognized by a particular font, Adobe Caslon Pro, while some companies stick to traditional fonts like Times New Roman and Calibri.

The typography and font-faces you choose can have a huge impact on several aspects of your website including readability, user experience, mood, perceived article length, and so forth.

Brands also use a wide selection of fonts to accurately express themselves. Your choice of typography can point out understated hints about who you are, whether informational or functional, or pensive or amusing. Just be sure that your selected fonts are applicable across different browsers, computers and mobile devices.

Element #3 : Semi-Flat Design

Flat Design has been one of the most prominent web design trends in recent times. It is simply any element that does not include or give an impression of 3D (shadows are a perfect example.) However, companies may add their own twist to the design by adding faint shadows and dimensions.

Flat Design makes your content more understandable to your visitors, but you could add some design elements with depth to make your website come alive. Try to be consistent throughout the entire website, though.

Element #4 : A Vivid Color Scheme

Colors can add a magical flair to your website, swiftly grabbing the attention of your visitors. Using the colors of your brand or complementary seasonal colors is vital to your website design. Websites such as this one entices the visitor from the moment they land on your page. If used in the correct manner, colors can help evoke a feel-good mood and a spirited emotion in your visitors, which may increase your website conversions.

For example, if you’re selling bouncy products for kids play, you’ll need a bright, vivid color scheme to better appeal to your customers and showcase your products, like KidKraft did. Trust me, you don’t want to use black.

Element #5 : Hamburger Menus

Does your website have a long list of menu items to choose from? If so, it’s important to know that while such a menu can help direct visitors to certain sections of your site, it may take up a massive amount of valuable screen space.

A hamburger menu is like a stack of three lines on top of one another – as you’d see in Google Chrome on the top right-hand corner. This menu type creates a clear path for users to navigate your site. It also makes it easier for users to find the information they need to execute a certain task.


In today’s world of tech-savvy online users, it’s important to keep up with all the modern web design features and technologies to let your site stand out from the crowd. To get started, try to implement the design elements we’ve provided – and make your website pop!

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