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Feel secure knowing Xplode Marketing is protecting your website and data.

Focus on Prevention and not Remediation!

The first thing I always like to tell website owners is that security is about risk reduction not risk elimination. You must get your head around this simple fact because there is no such thing as a 100% solution to staying secure. Almost all the tools you employ within your environment aim to reduce your overall risk posture, whether it’s continuous scanning or a more proactive approach such as mitigating incoming attacks.

Keeping these key factors in mind, we’ve created a Security Program to protect you and your business.

Implement The best prevention for all of your hard work!

Update/Upgrade Software & Plugins

Ensuring you keep all software up to date is vital in keeping your site secure. This applies to both the server operating system and any software you may be running on your website.

Add/Integrate Security Software

Our Automated Security Software continuously prevents, patrols and protects your websites against today’s ultra-advanced cyber attacks, hacks and online security threats.

Website Files & Database Backups

The general rule of thumb is to keep at least three backups in case of emergency. This prevents problems if a single backup becomes corrupted or damaged and if your website is compromised.

Real Time Daily Scans for Malware

Our real time scans look for known backdoors, code injections and malware in your files and database.  We also focus on scanning for malware and phishing URL’s inserted into comments, posts and files.

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The Xplode Marketing Team were extremely helpful with my business idea. They’re not your average website designers who just throw up a website for you. They took the time to understand my business model and developed a website that not only converted customers but made it easy for me to run my business. Thanks again for making my business streamline. You guys Rock!

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