Xplode Marketing and our staff have been in the Sarasota SEO & search engine and internet marketing industry for over 10 years. We’ve been providing both large Tampa and small Sarasota businesses with search engine optimization since 2001. Working and achieving results in some of the biggest markets is “just another day in the office.” Our Internet Marketing Company Experts and techs will analyze and execute the correct Sarasota SEO Techniques flawlessly to generate top search engine listings! In a nutshell… we know how to get targeted traffic to your companies website!

Xplode Marketing is a “no-nonsense” team specializing in Sarasota SEO (search engine optimization), search engine marketing, pay per clicks and more. The team of Internet Marketing experts generate the top results for you and your business. If your website is not ranking competitively on Google, then you’re losing money DAILY to your competition. If you’re serious about marketing on the internet and growing your business along with getting your service or product in the eye of the consumer, then call Xplode Marketing now and speak with one of our internet marketing experts!

Sarasota SEO Consulting

A lot of people don’t really understand what SEO is, so we like to take some time and explain to our customer why Sarasota SEO is important and how we go about gaining results. Companies may wish to be advised on one or more of the aspects of their website, whether it’s onsite optimization or offsite optimization. We offer our consulting services to make sure you get the right SEO advice, and enable you to optimize your website to the fullest.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the very FIRST item to do when creating an effective SEO strategy. For any good any good Sarasota SEO campaign and a large amount of your success will be truly dependent on how well you did your keyword research. The goal of keyword research is to find the best keywords that are going to give you the highest return. Sometimes the keywords you think will be successful, are the wrong keywords.

Onsite & Offsite Optimization

Both onsite and offsite optimization are equally important when it comes to setting up a successful Sarasota SEO campaign. What we do is optimize your website from every angle starting with the actual website itself. We manually go into your website and reconfigure it so it’s Google Friendly. We focus on building your meta data, h1 tags, descriptions, etc around your keywords and optimize it based on research and what’s going to give you better results and conversions.

Offsite optimization focuses on keyword building through backlinks, press releases, directory submissions, blog writing/commenting, social bookmarking and more. Google crawls each and every backlink and determines if the website it’s linking to is relevant and important for those particular keywords. There is truly an art to offsite optimization that separates a successful Sarasota SEO team from an unsuccessful Sarasota SEO team.

Monthly Analysis

The best way to measure results after setting up an internet marketing/SEO campaign is through reports. Each client will be given a login to view live reports. After 30 days or so of completing our onsite and offsite optimization, we generate a monthly report for you to review. We also schedule a time with our clients each and every month to go over where they rank in the search engines for the keywords we focused on. We also send out reports showing how many visitors came to the website, how long they stayed on the website, where they are located and more.

Services Broken Down: