Sarasota Listing – Real Estate Website For Sale – $10k Starting Bid

This website is a premium domain name with a very powerful IDX system developed in WordPress for any Sarasota Real Estate agent to market a website with a purpose.  The website was originally created with the idea of becoming the go-to real estate website for potential clients looking for real estate in Sarasota, FL.  The goal was to create a very clean and easy to navigate website that captures every visitor’s information and allows them to search for property on a powerful IDX system.

The cost to develop a website with the same functionality and design would cost over $20,000, and would take 4 months to build.  We’re offering this website at a discounted rate and would like to see a Realtor build their success through promoting a website that generates leads.

Website Details:

  • Custom IDX system: Pulls data from the IDX daily and updates the website automatically.  Maintenance Free
  • Custom Design:  There is no other website that has the same design, we’ve designed and developed this website with one goal in mind.  Let visitors search for Sarasota real estate and capture their information.
  • Built on WordPress:  This website is build on wordpress which means the new owner can easily log in to the admin section and change content on each page with ease.  If you can type up a word document, then you can make changes to this website.  Build out Neighborhoods, Build out About Us Pages, this website comes with all of the tools.
  • Lead Capture Software:  We’ve created a very easy lead generation script that captures the visitors information.  Our goal was not to create a huge form that people don’t want to fill out, or even a username and password.  Our goal was to capture the visitors, name, email address, and phone number so they can move forward with their searches and we could move forward with following up.
  • Blog Capabilities: In the Google World, content is king.  The more articles you post about relevant information in the Sarasota, Real Estate world, the better results you will get in the search engine.  Our blog feature on this website is set up with SEO and keywords in mind, simply write an article and post it to the blog section and let the system take care of the rest.
  • Foreclosure & Short Sale Search: We understand people are looking for the deals, so we’ve integrated the IDX with the ability for users to search Foreclosures and Short Sales in the area with just a click of the button.
  • Custom Colors: We will change the colors of the website from Blue to whatever color you would prefer so it is branded to your already existing colors.

Contact us today if you’re interested in learning more about the functionality we’ve developed for this website.

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Are you interested in this auction and would like to place a bid?  Fill out the information below and place your bid, one of our representatives will follow up with you to confirm your information.  Auction ends February 15th, 2013.

Current Bid: $10,000


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The Xplode Marketing Team were extremely helpful with my business idea. They’re not your average website designers who just throw up a website for you. They took the time to understand my business model and developed a website that not only converted customers but made it easy for me to run my business. Thanks again for making my business streamline. You guys Rock!

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