How to Rank Higher Organically on Google in 2019: 5 Quick and Easy Tips


For most companies,achieving top rankings on Google is the pinnacle of online business success.But as Google invests more time, money and energy into the development of its algorithms, more businesses struggle to improve their ranking on the platform and remain relevant in the digital world.

On average, there are 34,000 searches made on Google each second. However, 75 percent of web users never scroll past the first page of search results. For those reasons, you have to make sure that your website appears on the first page when users search for your business (or businesses in your field) on Google. No excuses.

Whether you have an e-commerce or corporate site, you probably have some valuable content to share with your users and customers. But if no one sees that information, what’s the point of creating it in the first place?

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps your website get higher rankings when people search online for your product or business. This technique basically increases the number of visitors to your website by getting a higher placement in the search results page of search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

If you’re ready to improve your organic search engine rankings on Google and dominate your market in 2019,follow these five steps to get started.

1.  Find Long-Tail Keywords in Your Niche

Keywords are search terms that people enter into search engines. Using long-tailed keywords in your website content can help boost your ranking on Google with little effort. In fact, long-tail keywords account for 70 percent of all web searches.

Simply pick a keyword that best describes what you specialize in or what you offer. If you are a travel agency, use keywords like “cheap flights to New York,” “top hotels in France,”or “Interesting places to visit in Jamaica.”

Try thinking about possible search terms your target audience would search for in Google. Once you’ve chosen the right long-tail keywords, incorporate them in your blog posts,in the Meta Keywords section of your website, and in your H1s, H2s, and subtitles.

A tool like Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) lets you test the optimize your keyword list by testing the effectiveness of keywords. Based on the results, you can then select the ones that will best suit your business goals.

2.  Update and Optimize Your Website

Google pays close attention to website performance and overall design and structure. Therefore, you must ensure that there are no broken links on your site and you have a good permalink structure. Also, install a sitemap to help Google index your site more easily.

There are several other key aspects to consider when it comes on to website optimization:

With a non-responsive website design, you’re missing out on precious mobile traffic, which accounted for 52.64 percent of global online traffic in 2017. 

A responsive design, helps you deliver content to more people on more devices, offering a smooth user experience across different platforms.

 At Xplode Marketing, we create top-quality websites because we understand the importance of a good user experience for visitors. This has enabled us to provide professional-looking web designs with immersive website navigation, offering a seamless and exciting user experience.

3.  Create Quality Content

Google will always pick  site that provides unique, high-quality content over any other site that doesn’t. Remember, people are always searching the web for information. So, if you offer relevant, meaningful content that they love and want to share, you’ll see more results, more traffic and more engagement – and a higher ranking on Google.

4.  Use Backlinks

Backlinks are basically incoming links that are created when one website links to another. As simple as it may sound, these links make a huge impact on a website’s prominence in search engine results.

Think of backlinks as conversations among websites. Say you’ve written an online report, whenever you mention it in an article, you link back to it. This tells Google that the content is important and gives its web crawler another path to access that content.

5.  Use Social Media

As social media becomes more popular, Google has started to use it to determine the authority and relevance of any given article. For example, if hundreds or thousands of people are sharing and tweeting about an article you’ve produced, it’s definitely something worth talking about. Once you’ve come up with compelling content that people want to promote, there will be more visitors to your website. Guaranteed. Also be sure to check out Social Shark for Instagram growth.

The Final Verdict

Ranking higher on Google doesn’t mean you have to break your back or blow your entire life savings. Follow the five quick and easy tactics above to increase your rankings on Google and improve your website in 2019.

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