Xplode Marketing is brand focused, design-led and strategy driven. Our company helps companies engage consumers and communicate brand culture through our web design services. We’ve established a reputation for doing great work across multiple categories. The mission is simple; we want to build brands that folks love. Need a logo design that has an impact? Need web services to develop your brand? Let our experience, skills, creativity, and client-centric approach work for you.


It’s important to recognize the importance of using the right logo and implementing the elements of branding. At the same time, it’s important to understand how the two are intertwined. A logo is the graphic symbol that represents a business or organization. When you think of a logo, think of Nike. The swoosh is easily recognizable and you instantly associate any product that displays a swoosh with the Nike brand. Logos can contain an intricate design or be solely typographic using letters or words that make up the company name. Coca-Cola’s red typographic script is nothing more than the company’s name, but the logo utilizes a signature red color and font for a memorable and eye-catching logo. Tiffany & Co. uses a robin’s egg turquoise for all gift boxes as apart of their logo. This also shows that the main logo design should be incorporated across all platforms. Once the logo is created, the main design and theme should be maintained across all applications including letterhead, website homepages, advertising, and more. A logo design is an integral part of branding. It needs to be authentic, clear, and appropriate for your company’s audience. Using a distinguished logo design is much more effective for developing brand identity than simply stamping your logo on various mediums.


If a company has established a strong brand identity, consumers can recognize the brand without its logo. It’s much easier to identity your Netflix DVD when you see a red envelope in your mailbox because of its contrast with other generic white envelopes.  Your logo should be consistent, but your brand identity should be both consistent and flexible. The elements of your branding should be present in the imagery, fonts, colors, and voice of your content. Your logo is a simplified and identifiable mark all in one that should encompass your brand. Branding, however, is slightly more complex. Branding develops a perceived emotional corporate image and encompasses the aims and values of the business as a whole. It helps to establish the company’s core values. Apple has firmly established its brand’s strong company ethic, humanistic corporate culture, and their involvement in supporting multiple causes. At Xplode Marketing, we connect with people on a more personal level to make you feel more confident about the services and products you provide. Creating an emotional connection between the consumer and the product is much more effective to establish a brand than a bite-sized logo with a fancy font.


Anyone can create a simple logo but creating a great logo design requires a lot of research and creative thought. A great logo should stand the test of time and covey the heart of the company’s message. At Xplode Marketing we take the time to learn about your company to better understand your vision and establish your brand. Our experts collaborate with you to understand how the world currently views your brand and how you would like to position your brand in the current market. Once we discover who your audience is, we create logo design that is most suitable. A client will receive an initial design brief to review for any modifications prior to the final logo design. We as professionals help companies connect their brand through shared values and interests. The internal ideology that defines a brand helps to align a brand with its audience. Logo design may be a one-time job, but branding is perpetual. A company’s story should be continuously evolving and forever expanding. Xplode Marketing can be your storyteller and help you unfold the essence of your brand.

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The Xplode Marketing Team were extremely helpful with my business idea. They’re not your average website designers who just throw up a website for you. They took the time to understand my business model and developed a website that not only converted customers but made it easy for me to run my business. Thanks again for making my business streamline. You guys Rock!

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