How to Target the Younger Generation (Gen Z) on Instagram

young female on instagram

Instagram has become a defining presence in the lives of most Gen Z consumers. It’s where they go to communicate with friends, get their news and entertainment, and connect with brands and businesses.

But in this day and age, it is practically useless to target these young adults through traditional forms of marketing. After all, they’ve grown up completely around technology, and have more options than ever before in terms of how and where they spend their money.

Today’s young buyers are extremely savvy. They demand instant access to information, chase after the latest trends and seek greater control over the information they consume. Because of this, you need to integrate creative and unique tactics in your Instagram strategy to connect with this digital generation.

Marketing to young consumers is never an easy task, but following these tips can help increase the odds.

1.   Use more video

Video is one of the hottest trends on Instagram these days. With features like Instagram Live, Stories, and IGTV, you can grab the attention of Gen Z consumers and connect with them like never before.

According to studies, Gen Z watches an average of 68 videos every day on five different platforms. To capitalize on this viewership, you should invest in the most effective video distribution platforms. This way, you can create a young persona for your brand, educate your audiences and tell a story that resonates with your target customers.

When it comes to video, try to make a lasting impression within the first 10 – 20 seconds. That way, your viewers will be more likely to stick around until the end and eventually interact with your content.

For live video streaming, use Instagram Stickers to encourage engagement. You can try things like Question stickers, Countdown Stickers, Poll stickers, Music Stickers, and Mention stickers, just to name a few.

Finally, avoid salesy, infomercial-type video demonstrations. The younger generation loves to see the creative processes behind brands and their products. So, why not show your product being used in ways that appeal to them?

2.   Use Instagram ads

If you are trying to get in front of young buyers, using television and magazine ads are just a waste of time and money. This generation spends the majority of their time online, particularly on social media. Whatever they see there aids their decision-making process. So, get your products on their feeds with carefully crafted and engaging content. You’ll be more likely to secure a few purchases and start seeing impressive results.

3.   Leverage Instagram influencers

If you can find an “influencer” to prove your product’s worth to a large audience, you’ll be well on your way. An influencer is an individual who has established credibility and an online audience by virtue of their authenticity, trustworthiness, and ability to persuade. By sharing your brand, product or service with their fans, they can influence their followers to purchase your offerings.

And because influencers aren’t necessarily wildly rich and famous celebrities like those in Hollywood, Gen Z can more relate to these real people and are more likely to show their support.


As the younger generation continues to dominate the social media arena, the question isn’t whether they’ll hear your message, but if they’ll listen. Follow the tips above to increase your chances of capturing the attention of Gen Z consumers in 2019.

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